Food Technology Intelligence, Inc., founded in 1990, is an international publisher of applied food research and analysis reports. These publications offer insights into advances in research being achieved on many fronts in the food industry: food safety, enzymes, flavor and aroma, carbohydrate engineering, texture and food chemistry, among other areas. Our research specialists have the knowledge and experience that enables them to track and analyze advances in science and technology.

Our publications analyze new leading-edge developments in topic-specific applied food research and technology. We give you a first-hand look at many commercially-viable based processes that have practical applications. Many of these innovations are still under development, but they have commercial potential in the near term. Or development has been completed, and the technologies are available for licensing from their developers. In other cases, scientists are seeking industrial support to help commercialize their research in the near term.

Our goal is to provide intelligence on technical developments that seem poised for rapid growth.

215 Godwin Ave., P.O. Box 322, Midland Park, NJ 07432-0322
Phone: (201) 445-4227 | Fax: (201) 447-5904 | ftiinfo@ftipub.com

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